Shift and Reproject

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or my original journal, my sediments exactly.


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I am honored…

A Bit of Down Home HumorI know that it was a random draw that I received it, but I have always been a big early adopter of emerging software. WordPress has been there for me through the commercialization of Blogger and MT, the fading of Greymatter, and the spam comment wars. Most importantly, the WP community is just that: a community of (for the most part) good and sharing people. So, here I start yet another chapter in my online journaling adventures. What to write? What to follow? Well, I’ll leave that for the days ahead. Thanks to Matt, the developers, the bloggers, and, yes, the readers for what WordPress has always been and always will be – the best darned platform there is.

Oh, the picture… well, I just had to try the drag and drop feature of the new WYSIWYG editor 🙂

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Testing template – first entry later this afternoon! In the meanwhile, stop by and see me some of my working webcams, include DayJobCam, ToBeNamedCam I and II, and Westy’s CondoCam and LapTopCam.

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I guess I have been bitten by the (we)blog bug. The writer in me has truly emerged. This is just what the name implies, a slide through life as I know it. Could have been entitled a “large slice of Jim(‘s life)”, but sliding somehow describes best the (e)motion of the times. It’s going to be fun. At times, it may be boring to some. Somedays, it may be empty, but I am going to avoid that because I want it to grow. All the time it will be a creative expression of the slide that I am (we are all) going through… I may eventually open this up, but for time being, hop on the sled; the runners are greased for speed!

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